Our team building sessions create laughter, fun and a highly unique experience that will be remembered around the office for a long time to come while giving companies the opportunity to practice and analyze their skills in communication, organization, critical thinking, logic and creative genius in a high pressure scenario ….kind of like your office right?


To be successful your team must:


* COMMUNICATE – You won’t escape unless you share information. There is so much going on in the room that you must make sure that your idea is being heard and followed.


* LEAD – It will take more than one strong leader to put everything together as there are multiple tasks that need to be completed. Teams without leadership will likely not escape!


* FOLLOW – Too many leaders in a group is a recipe for disaster. Leaders have to learn how to follow, also.


* THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX – This is where those who think outside the box can show others how it's done and they can prove it's a useful tool.


* LISTEN – Everyone on your team is equal and could very easily hold the creative genius inside of them that is required to find the key to escaping.


* WORK TOGETHER – Individualism is awesome, but it is a one-way ticket to failure in this instance.


* BELIEVE YOUR GROUP CAN ESCAPE! – With the time dwindling on the clock and a series of what appear to be dead end clues, it will seem as if your fate is sealed. Those that do escape, have to practice positive thinking and never give up, no matter how much time is left. It's not uncommon to escape with seconds left on the clock!


ADMIT YOUR MISTAKES – If you are dead set on a solution simply because someone * who you believed was “smart” gave you the answer, yet the answer doesn’t lead you further to finding more clues,…then the “smart” person was wrong. The sooner someone says, “Maybe you are wrong”, the closer you will be to escaping.


It's a good idea for team building groups to set up dinner, drinks or a meeting following their session that allow them time to discuss and analyze their experience. You will find valuable lessons that are now tattooed into the minds of your team forever.


To reserve a private team building experience that your team will not forget, please email us at info@mississippimindtrap.com. All team building experiences are privately booked. Groups of 2-10 are $20 per person. Team building experiences are available during our normal booking times or can be booked during the day Monday - Thursday.


Get ready to participate in one of the most valuable experiences you’ve ever done!